It’s Been Real

I’ve been mulling over this post for weeks. I figured you all could handle some time off after the marathon of Europe posts. At least that’s what I was hoping, since it gave me more time to think without the crushing guilt.

Okay. Brace yourselves. Are you bracing? I am bracing because even at this very moment I’m kind of in denial that I’m about to say this. *deep breath* …I think Extra Credit Life is retiring. *wince* Are you still there? Are you okay? Is everyone okay? I think I am okay.

I had been planning to continue the blog, to write about my experiences in life and as a new engineer. I even wrote about it in this post. I promised you guys more blog and I’ve changed my mind and I’m sorry. I wanted to do it and part of me still wants to, but after the fog of my last semester and graduation and Europe lifted, I realized a few things. Continue reading


It’s a New Post…It Really Is

I read a lot of blogs. And every once in a while a blog will just kind of, well, stop. I’ll realize I haven’t seen a new post in weeks, maybe months. And I’ll wonder why. Did the blog’s author just run out of ideas? Did they get sick of the subject? Did something terrible happen to them? Whatever the reason, I’ve always thought – I’d never let that happen to my blog. I’m committed. I’m dedicated. I’m a responsible blog owner.



I haven’t written in two months. And I’ve thought about it constantly. I didn’t run out of ideas. I didn’t get sick of the subject. I didn’t get hit by a bus. Long story short, I’ve been having a rough time in my personal life and I just haven’t had it in me to write about school because it’s felt insignificant compared to everything else I was feeling.

So, first of all, if you’re reading this – thanks for coming back. I hope I can keep up my end of the bargain from here on out because lots and lots of exciting things are coming down the pike. Remember this post? This post was in June. I said it might be a few months before I could discuss my new plan. It’s been nine months. Better late than never?

I gave my notice at my job last Thursday. As of May second I will be a full-time student and will be graduating in May of 2015, a full year earlier than I originally expected. And I’m so, so excited. I start my job at the power plant as a power generation intern on May 19 (look for more posts about that) and will be back on campus at the end of August for my last two semesters.

Leaving my job was a really big decision and is obviously a big risk. I’ve saved as much money as I can and have plans in place for health insurance and other things I’ve taken for granted as a full-time employee for the last ten years. I’m an obsessive list-maker and planner, so you you can bet I have a big spreadsheet detailing out how much this is all going to cost and how I’m going to make it work. Fingers crossed that it goes according to plan.

More than anything I can’t wait to have two semesters where I can focus on only school. Splitting my attention between work and school has been absolutely exhausting. I’ve been trying to be two places at the same time constantly and I never feel like I’m giving it my all in either place. I am looking forward to finally being fully in one world and able to dedicate myself to it the way I have wanted to for the last four years.

So I’m going to be incredibly busy next year and there will be lots of tests and projects and groups. And I’m going to try to learn how to roll with the punches. Because last semester proved to me that trying to do everything for everyone and do it perfectly just isn’t good for a person. I want to work on staying calm, accepting things as they come and learning to be a better leader by not doing everything myself. Lots of growth potential there. Lots to write about. Thanks for coming back!