Little Stacks of Happy

I’m happy to report that I have returned (at least for now) from the land of stress, chaos and mild nervous breakdowns. The return trip was plush, jovial and stocked with a wide variety of cold, craft beers. I actually began the return trip before I even posted last week’s blog. I wrote it Sunday afternoon and then later that evening I watched a TED talk by Shawn Achor out on my patio. Oddly, I had seen this TED talk before and remembered enjoying it, but something different clicked when I watched it this time.

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On Being Grateful

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I’m currently wading through my second summer course, Mechanics of Deformable Solids, which I’ve decided, for those who care, is pretty much what you would get if Statics and Intro to Materials Science had a baby. I have also decided that the name of the course is redundant, since all solids are deformable. There is no such thing as a solid that can’t be deformed if enough force is applied. This course is called Mechanics of Materials at other schools, which is more accurate. But I digress.

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