Team Projects Should Suck Less

I’ve been wanting to write a post about team projects for weeks but I’ve been fearing the post will devolve into a “Team Projects Suck Because…” list, which is so much shallower than what I actually want to say. I want to give you more than that! Here goes.

Yes, team projects suck. But why do they suck? And why are they so universally assigned with the expectation that they will teach us essential life, interpersonal and communication skills? Why, instead, do they almost always result in extreme stress and frustration and a final project that is, in most cases, less than amazing?

Snoopy Teamwork

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Getting Caught Being 32

Another brand new fall semester is almost upon us. Soon bikes will start shooting out of nowhere, the sidewalks will resemble the crowd at Dick Clark’s New Years Rockin’ Eve and I will be able to crowd surf down the halls of the engineering building. Fall is exciting, but also a little intimidating. The career and internship advice flyers go back up on the backs of the bathroom doors. The student groups recruit in earnest. Something about fall makes me feel very “non-traditional.”

It's not New Year's, it's campus in September! Photo courtesy of Bill Larkin's photostream on Flickr.

It’s not New Year’s, it’s campus in September!
Photo courtesy of Bill Larkin’s photostream on Flickr.

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Adventures Outside My Head

My brother has requested something less cerebral on the blog. Something more “day in the life.” He said my posts feel like being stuck inside my head. Hah! I thought after thirty years of being my brother he would know that being stuck inside my head is about as close to “day in the life” as it gets. A textbook introvert, most of my time is spent thinking, pondering, evaluating and obsessing.

“What do you want to know?” I asked. “About my boring life of going to my ridiculous job, working out at the gym and then going home to eat a plate of chicken and do homework all night?”

“Yes!” he said.

Hmm. Okay.
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