Twenty. Eight. Days.

I graduate in 28 days. Twenty. Eight. Days. I can’t even comprehend how fast this semester has gone. Usually I look at my phone’s “countdown to graduation” widget and think, oh, dear god, THAT many days left? But this semester that widget has looked more like a stopwatch. Every time I look at it I’m shocked. Wait, how many days left? How many weeks is that? There’s so little time!

There’s three final projects to finish, a graduation stage to walk across, a ton of preparation for my Europe trip, packing up my entire apartment, signing a new lease across the state, scheduling movers, moving, and, most importantly, hours of celebration. All this before the end of June!

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An Excuse to Search for “Group Project Gif”

How to explain my extended absence this time, readers? It’s not that I haven’t had time. That’s my usual excuse. I have had time. It’s thoughts I’ve been short on. Senioritis. I’m at a loss for anything interesting to say about school.

I’m going to go on another rant about group projects. I know I’ve written about that before, but that was an eloquent, well thought-out post, whereas this is just going to be me bitching. Here goes. The team thing is just out of control. Senior design project: teams of five. Alternative energy projects: teams of two. Heat transfer lab: write the lab reports in teams of two or three. Heat transfer lab project: teams of three.


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Tasked with Utilizing a Multitude of Annoying Words

Okay, here’s the thing – I can’t stand how some students write engineering reports and give engineering presentations. I’m just going to go ahead and say it. And it’s probably going to make me sound like a Snooty-McSnootypants, but I guess I can live with that.

Something comes over students when they have to write a report or give a presentation about a technical topic that makes them forget how to speak in regular, clear English. They decide that in order to sound smart and technically competent that they need to use a different version of English with lots of extra words and fussy synonyms.

“A wind tunnel was utilized to simulate the air stream acting upon the wing.”

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