You Guys are Just Standing Up Because I Fell

So, graduation. I have dreamed of this day for five years and now it is here and I am completely unprepared. I did it once before, and maybe I did it completely wrong that time, but there was no Facebook or Instagram the last time I graduated so I guess I was just peacefully oblivious.

I have the same cap and gown I wore when I graduated with my art degree. I assumed this would be fine, since, you know, my university’s colors have been the same since the 1800’s. But no, apparently there is a new cap and gown in a slightly darker shade now with the university seal on the left shoulder. So my gown will be ever-so-slightly the wrong color and I’ll look like a misfit but hey, I saved $50, so I’ll be a misfit with fifty extra dollars in my bank account. Win.

(The Island of Misfit Toys...duh)

(The Island of Misfit Toys…duh)

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