An Additional Challenge

This post is about dogs. Corgis specifically. I will try to tie it to school at the end, but the truth is, it’s pretty much about Corgis.


I’m a cat person. I don’t like dogs. I’ve never liked dogs. I don’t like their breath, or their drool, or the crotch-sniffing. They’re loud and obnoxious. They’re wiry. They don’t melt into your lap like a cat. They have to be walked. They don’t use a litter box. They never leave you alone. Eugh! Dogs!

But for some reason I’m completely obsessed with Corgis. The tiny legs. The giant triangular ears. The inquisitive eyes. The huge smile. To not fall in love with this dog you’d have to have a heart of stone. My first experience with a Corgi was many years ago at a house where my friend was house-and-dog-sitting. Here I encountered the most adorable, jovial, friendly, energetic and happy dog I’ve ever seen. A Corgi! I played with that dog for at least a half hour straight, and I do not play with dogs. Ever.


I’ve been telling my friends and family that I want a Corgi for years. I am only half serious. I mean – the barking, the walking, the drooling, the chewing. I do not have the time or the patience for a dog. It’s almost like having a kid and I don’t want that either. I bought a nice couch right before I went back to school and I love that couch. It was an “investment.” It was one of the first “adult” pieces of furniture I ever bought. There will be no dogs on that couch. And yet…those huge triangular ears continue to seduce me. I watch the entire National Dog Show every year on Thanksgiving just to see the Corgi and cheer him or her on.

Thats relaxation.

That’s relaxation.

I’ve never seriously considered actually getting a Corgi. Even if I weren’t in school, a dog would still limit my social life since I’d have to go home right after work each day to let him out. I’d have to make plans to have someone watch him if I went out of town. And the couch – let’s not forget the couch. Then there’s the issue of acquiring the dog. I’d much prefer to get a shelter dog…but finding a purebred Corgi at a shelter is not likely to happen. If I were to get a dog from a breeder, I’d have to be sure the breeder was breeding responsibly and humanely. And then there’s the whole problem of bringing home a puppy. I have no idea how to take care of a dog, let alone a puppy who doesn’t know he’s supposed to pee outside. And the barking! I hate dogs that bark endlessly – more importantly I hate their owners. But I have no idea how to get a dog to stop barking! I could become the very owner I hate.

Obviously I should not get a Corgi.

I'm on a boat!

I’m on a boat!

And yet…

There are no words for this level of cuteness.

There are no words for this level of cuteness.

With graduation fast approaching and my world feeling like it is opening back up, something in me has started feeling the drive to just do things. I’ve wanted to dye my hair a crazy color since I was twelve, and I haven’t done it out of fear of damaging my hair, or what people would think, or what I would think, or whatever. I dyed my hair ombre purple last week because all of a sudden I realized that I just don’t care anymore. So it’s purple. And I love it. I’m about to sign up for a three-week tour of Europe in May with a bunch of recent grads. I won’t know any of them, and I’ll be randomly assigned to room with one of them. And for some reason this doesn’t concern me at all. I think it will be a blast and I’ll meet a bunch of cool people and I’ll get to tour Europe.

I know some people have personalities where this kind of thing is normal for them. They’re reading this and laughing. But for me, it’s not normal. I’m very cautious. I plan endlessly. I make lists. I don’t make decisions without weighing all the options. So the act of just doing something because it sounds awesome is foreign to me…but so far it’s been really fun.

I’m not sure exactly where it’s coming from. I do think part of it is because I’m about to graduate and there seem to be so many options. But I’m also almost halfway through my 30’s. I’m not suggesting I’m old (I’m not), but it feels like I’m moving from a place in life where it seemed like everything was ahead of me to a place where it feels like everything that was ahead is now here. All the things I always said I’d like to do? Well – it’s go time. Now or never. Life is short. I don’t know the future. I may make it to retirement. I may not. If I do, I may have physical limitations. I’m not going to bank on taking care of my bucket list after I turn 60.

So that brings us back to the Corgi. Getting a dog would be a scary, intimidating thing. It would also be a hilarious, fun adventure. As of right now, my dream of having a Corgi is trumped by several other dreams (one cannot go to Europe for three weeks when one has a dog), so this is not my big announcement where I tell you all I am getting a dog. But getting a dog is now officially on my list of things that will happen.


And hopefully you’ll all get to hear about it! I’ve been thinking a lot about what will happen to this blog after I graduate. I won’t be in school anymore, but I want to keep writing. Wikipedia describes extra credit as “an additional challenge that might not be suitable as required work for all students.” An additional challenge. I like that. I can run with that. This crazy detour into engineering school has definitely been an additional challenge. And there will be more. And I’ll keep writing about them. Hope I can keep entertaining you!



9 thoughts on “An Additional Challenge

  1. Aw, yes!!! Dogs are messy and can be demanding, but they are so sweet and they just want to love you! And yeah, the couch. I have an $1K couch that is pretty well covered in dog hair with scratches all over the wood on one side. But he looks so cute sleeping on it. And I realize how much I sound like one of those people who say, well yeah my kids are a money sucking nightmare, but they can be so sweet. But, you can’t put your kids in a crate and dogs don’t require a babysitter for an evening out. GET A DOG! It will love you forever.

    • I had a feeling you’d comment. 🙂 I think having the corgi would be more rewarding than the annoying parts would be annoying…yes. So the corgi will arrive, one day. 🙂

  2. I love those pictures, as expected. We may even agree to dog – sit at times if you some day follow thru with the threat to get one of these guys.

  3. Hello! I am a random stranger finding your post through reddit. Seriously, do it! Life is short!

    I graduated several years ago, and I worked real job even before I had my graduation ceremony. Now I felt I missed lots of things – I can’t suddenly quit my job now to do my bucket list – and mine happened to be similar to yours. To travel. I mean, real travel. Not the short getaways. I wanted to dye my hair crazy color but I obviously can’t now, as I already have a job. Pay is pretty good but I don’t have the time to do crazy things I wanted to do, while I realize I am getting older day to day, year by year.

    As for the dog, you won’t regret it. Dog is a real good friend!! When everyone turns their back on you, your dog never does. I had a dog since i was a kid and he passed of old age several years ago and I was still heartbroken I thought I didn’t want to get a dog ever again. But this year – I’ll get a corgi. 🙂

  4. Get a dog. Despite the housebreaking, the tons of money I’ve spent replacing things she’s chewed up… Every day when you come home its like you’ve been gone for years!!! And that’s worth it. You’ll never be lazy again as they look longingly out the window begging to go out for a walk. You’ll give in and take them and not regret it – one bit. Yea, challenges exist, what to do with the dog when you leave, how to train it, vet bills, but somehow – it works out. And then you’ll be thinking about getting another dog… 😉

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