Jumping Through Hoops

I was always taught¬†that if I didn’t have anything nice to say, I shouldn’t say anything at all. So if you’re wondering why I haven’t posted in so long, that’s a hint. That and I’ve been too busy to give even thirty seconds of thought to a blog post. I literally have not turned on my TV since I moved back home from my summer internship. Not once. I hope it still works.

But I wanted to write¬†something so you all wouldn’t think I’d died or gone off the deep end. Okay, the jury is still out on the latter. So, yeah. It’s been a little rough this semester. I knew this one would be a doozy. I scheduled it this way so my final semester might be a little less intense. I hope that pans out.

This needs to be true.

This needs to be true.

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