Good Enough

So we’re five and a half weeks into spring semester and I’ve only posted twice? I’m sorry, guys. I’ve been distracted by life a bit lately, but I haven’t forgotten you! I’m happy to report that my absence is not due to being lost in the land of stress, chaos and mild nervous breakdowns. Compared to last semester, things are downright calm on the school front.

This post is really more of an extended question than a story. While the pace and tone of this semester is much more manageable than last, the material is not easy. Fluids has been a mess of derivatives and integrals that are all jumbled together in my head. Vibrations has been dynamics on steroids paired with a dizzying number of random greek variables that I have to keep straight somehow. It feels like every lecture is a marathon of rushing through derivations of complex theorems and equations and trying to just keep up, to say nothing of actually following the logic.

Fun with vibrations.

Fun with vibrations.

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