Check For Boots

It began a week ago, when I saw the forecast for the first day of class — 5°F. Horror. Panic. Anger. The realization that I don’t own a proper pair of cold weather boots nor a sufficiently-warm sub-arctic coat. I’ve been spoiled. I’ve spent the last ten years snugly transporting myself from place to place in my car, dashing from its warm interior to my warm destination like a skittish cat. Last winter I drove to class with my staff parking permit and parked just outside the engineering building, gazing smugly at all the bundled students clustered on the sidewalks. Suckers.

Well this winter I’m the sucker. The way my classes are situated this semester leaves me no workable place to park. Faster and more convenient, however much, much colder, will be to just walk to and from class. But wearing what? I’d been contemplating buying a super-warm, long coat and some cute winter boots for several years. But to get something that’s really good quality (and what’s the point otherwise?), I’d need to drop several hundred dollars. And why? If I was just going to dash from my car to my destination like a skittish cat anyway? Seemed like a waste of money.

Which leads me to the frantic Zappos search that took place late last week during which I realized that I was part of that sad, sad group of people searching for winter gear in January right before a massive snow storm. It slowly dawned on me that smart, savvy people shop for these things in September. Sold. Out. Everything. Everything I want is sold out. Every website. Every store.

Look at this adorable coat:

North Face Arctic Parka. This color is discontinued. Sigh.

North Face Arctic Parka. This color is discontinued. Sigh.

My sister-in-law has this coat. It’s a lovely, very warm-looking coat. I thought I might want it. That was until I found out that it was sold out in every dusty corner of the internet. Then I wanted it more than I’ve ever wanted any other piece of clothing in my life. What is it about knowing you can’t have something that makes it so damn enticing?

I’d be very happy with any of these wonderful boots. All stylish and warm:

Yes, I know these are all Sorel. But Sorels have great ratings and, c'mon, so cute.

Yes, I know these are all Sorel. But Sorels have great ratings and, c’mon, so cute.

All sold out. Try finding an adorable pair of warm boots in a size eight during the polar vortex. The universe is laughing at me. Laughing so hard its stomach hurts.

In a panic I called Sorel today. Would they even be making any more boots this year? Had I missed some previously unknown window of boot ordering? Do boots not exist beyond December? I was assured there would be more shipments in mid-January. Added a “check for boots” note to my calendar (yes, I know, this is what it’s like inside my head).

As it turns out the polar vortex crippled the entire midwest with wind chills in the negative double digits. My university suspended the first two days of class. Miraculously, my Fluids professor has cancelled class today, leaving me with only Vibrations, a class I can probably drive to, as I won’t be coming from Fluids, which is in another building. Both classes will meet on Friday. Predicted temperature: a balmy 35°F. I might wear sandals.


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