Bright Spots

Here I am in the midst of another crazy week! I don’t have a big, exciting post for you but I hope I will next week. Lots and lots of stuff is getting wrapped up by this Friday and I’m hoping that color will soon return to my surroundings and I’ll start to feel human again.

BUT, I couldn’t just leave you all hanging with regards to this post. It’s been over two weeks, I MUST have heard from company #2 by now right? Right?

Right! I’m happy to announce that I’ll be spending my summer at company #2 learning all about how a power plant works on the stunningly gorgeous shores of Lake Michigan (yes, literally on the shore!). Full disclosure, this is a big, dirty coal plant. Nothing green about it, but I’ve been fascinated with power generation ever since I took thermodynamics and I’m thrilled to get to learn all about it first hand. Clean or dirty, energy production requires knowledge in many of the same areas and I hope I can take what I learn and apply it to cleaner forms of energy production in my career.


There is just nothing bad about this.
Photo courtesy of Inventorchris’s photostream on Flickr.

Despite how difficult this semester has been, there have been some really bright spots and I like to share them here lest you all think I’m spiraling into madness and depression.  I’m not! I’m chugging through. Just three and a half more weeks. What then? Then I will be, as much as possible, lying around in head-to-toe fleece, reading books, stuffing Christmas cookies into my mouth and sipping cocktails. Yep. Pure joy.


3 thoughts on “Bright Spots

  1. Oh man! I wanna join you in fleece and cocktails!! I’m wrapping up the Hangman’s Daughter and need a new book to enjoy through the holidays. Quick… suggest!

    Oh, and CONGRATS again on the job!!

    • Oh gosh there are so many good books! We read The Dog Stars recently in my book club and I thought that one was pretty interesting. Somewhat dark, but good. Gone Girl is also excellent.

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