Bright Spots

Here I am in the midst of another crazy week! I don’t have a big, exciting post for you but I hope I will next week. Lots and lots of stuff is getting wrapped up by this Friday and I’m hoping that color will soon return to my surroundings and I’ll start to feel human again.

BUT, I couldn’t just leave you all hanging with regards to this post. It’s been over two weeks, I MUST have heard from company #2 by now right? Right?

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Team Projects Should Suck Less

I’ve been wanting to write a post about team projects for weeks but I’ve been fearing the post will devolve into a “Team Projects Suck Because…” list, which is so much shallower than what I actually want to say. I want to give you more than that! Here goes.

Yes, team projects suck. But why do they suck? And why are they so universally assigned with the expectation that they will teach us essential life, interpersonal and communication skills? Why, instead, do they almost always result in extreme stress and frustration and a final project that is, in most cases, less than amazing?

Snoopy Teamwork

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