The Waiting

Hi reader friends! Well, I didn’t want to leave you hanging again this week with another long stretch between posts so I’m going to give you just a short update until I have a little more time to sit down and write something substantial.

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Complain On, My Friends

So here’s a philosophical question I’ve been chewing on here and there lately: do we have the right to complain about situations and experiences that we chose of our own free will?

In the age of Facebook and Twitter, we hear the ins and outs of our friends’ and family’s lives on a daily, or often hourly, basis. The good parts, the bad parts, the funny parts. Sometimes sad and frustrating things happen that we have no control over – a flat tire, a flooded basement, the death of a loved one. Everyone can relate to these situations and it’s easy to feel sympathy when they happen. But what about those things that we deliberately take on, which then cause us pain and frustration?

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Steph Survives the Job Fair

Well in case you missed my continuous mentioning of it for, oh, the past three months, I went to a job fair last week. It was big, it was overwhelming, it provided excellent people watching. We’ll focus first on the most important thing – judging other people’s clothes.

You guys – all those weeks I spent fretting over my suit? Wow, not necessary. I would say most of the guys did alright. It’s easy for guys. You put on a suit. There aren’t a lot of options. You have to be pretty clueless to get this wrong. Sure, there was that one guy with the suit that was at least a size too big. He could have invested twenty bucks in getting his jacket sleeves hemmed, but that wasn’t worth much more than a chuckle.

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