6 thoughts on “The Case of the Missing Mojo

  1. It was nice to see a little of what I’d been unaware of from your past work. My last year or so of work also had an unusual amount of frustration, with others not listening to suggestions that would have improved the operation of the plant. But it became easier for me to ignore those feelings as the time of project completion and full retirement approached. Hopefully as you approach the beginning of your new career you will also find it easier to let go of the frustration your current work environment has caused. And we will always look forward to seeing the design side or your brain in action with the arrival of your personalized Christmas cards.

    • Yeah, the anticipation of the next step definitely makes it a little easier. Moreso as time goes on I’m sure. With all my creative energy just bubbling up inside, I’ll have to produce some spectacular Christmas cards in the future!

    • Thanks! I’m pretty committed to changing course and becoming an engineer, but I hope I can find some fun design work to do in my free time in the future!

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