Reclaiming my Gusto

I bought a patio chair today. Just a single patio chair. Not a patio set with multiple chairs and a table and an ottoman or anything like that. I don’t have the space or the budget for that. But I have a ground floor apartment with a small walk-out concrete patio and it’s summer and it’s beautiful and I’m tired of sitting inside my apartment and thinking…hmm…it sure would be nice to sit outside. Why I didn’t do this before I don’t know. So I’m writing to you from my new patio chair.

A glamour shot of my new chair. This is not my patio, nor my beach equipment. If only.

A glamour shot of my new chair. This is not my patio, nor my beach equipment. If only.

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Adventures Outside My Head

My brother has requested something less cerebral on the blog. Something more “day in the life.” He said my posts feel like being stuck inside my head. Hah! I thought after thirty years of being my brother he would know that being stuck inside my head is about as close to “day in the life” as it gets. A textbook introvert, most of my time is spent thinking, pondering, evaluating and obsessing.

“What do you want to know?” I asked. “About my boring life of going to my ridiculous job, working out at the gym and then going home to eat a plate of chicken and do homework all night?”

“Yes!” he said.

Hmm. Okay.
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An A for Effort

I did a thing this week that I hate to do more than almost anything else when it comes to my education. I did a thing that makes me cringe. I disputed a grade.

Grades Venn
I got back a homework assignment and, despite having all the answers correct and the solutions written out carefully and neatly, a (in my opinion) disproportionate number of points were deducted on several problems for what amounted to a lack of detail in my solutions. I do all my homework in a spiral-bound notebook and then I transfer each solution onto loose-leaf notebook paper, in pencil, painstakingly and neatly, to turn in. I spend hours on my homework. I take pride in it. So to have points deducted for not doing something that I take pains to do didn’t sit well with me.
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